Thursday, 29 January 2015

Vertical maze

Short project where the aim was to create an intervention for the court yard of our University building.

Taking about 10 hours for the entire process (Concept > development > sketches> renders>page layout), the main consideration was the use of the vertical space in order to increase the usable area and by so, connect both buildings at different levels.
As always I feel driven for the natural instinct of checking how Nature does in cases like this (vertical spaces), and end it up by realizing that ants do it, we just don't see it because it is underground.
So, ants and their nest! It looks like a maze created by an infinite number of tunnels, which seem also to connect different small "rooms".
Those small rooms in my vision, can be communal multi-function spaces spaces, for open air lectures, exhibitions and much more.
The vegetation could be food grown in hydroponics and after used in the kitchen of the school, why not at least try make the starbucks a bit greener?

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