Saturday, 15 November 2014

Plan > 3D model > Views > Render

The process involves the creation of an AutoCAD model and the extraction of one axonometric , one isometric and 3 eye level perspective views. Using the images that were extracted from the autocad, I have used photoshop to render them.

autacad 2d plan line work view

autocad 3d wireframe view

autocad realistic isometric perspective 


autocad view 1

autocad view 2

autocad view 3

Isometric render in Summer

Axonometric render in early Spring

Rendered perspectives

Even though the result is not too bad I have the feeling the I still need to explore a bit more the photoshop, as I don't think that I have manage to create images with the professional level that I would like. The colors are too strong and for some of the textures it is easy to see were they overlap. Also in the 3th image there is a mistake related with the direction of light.

The following image shows what I would like to be able to do. The elements and colors are well balanced and the quality of light creates atmosphere, so  I still have a lot to improve.

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